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What's so special with Awaves Apis?

  1. Our interactive training method with mind-maps makes it easier and faster to understand complex technology since you draw the signalling flows and procedures yourself , not just listen and read about them.

    High interactive during class makes it a lot easier to remember details when you are back in office.

  2. Our Video-based training sessions, that also uses mind-maps, makes it possible for you to enhance your skills at the time and place you prefer.

  3. The Spec Tool is an unique 3GPP reference tool that goes deep into the specifications. Since it follows the same structure, an hour spent with the tool will reduce your time reading the original 3GPP specifications with at least a day.

  4. Offering the first class on-line training options above, cost and time spent will be reduced.

  5. Classroom training is still a very popular method.– our skilled teachers have top ratings and some of them can be found as independent authors, explaining LTE at www.3gpp.org

  6. Over 250 000 engineers have found their way from www.3gpp.org and visited our on-line LTE training.

  7. Our training experts and tool developers are also independent authors at www.3gpp.org/Keywords-Acronyms , explaining HetNet, LTE, LTE advanced, HSAP and Carrier Aggregation
  8. Besides the co-operation with 3GPP, Awaves Apis is also selected LTE training supplier to the leading Scandinavian telecom vendors within infrastructure and mobile handsets and most of the top 10 global Operators. Our average customer satisfaction rate for LTE courses is 5.4 out of 6



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