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36.321-860 E-UTRA MAC Protocol Specification

RA contention resolution
# 1

in 36.321-860 E-UTRA MAC on slide 30: message with RRC Connection request from 2 UEs is sent on the same RB. How can EnodeB decode it?

Posted by: Martin Thernel Skicka Epost
2010-06-14 10:33:22

RA contention resolution.
# 2

If multiple UEs transmit random access preambles using the same resources resulting in a collsion , the UEs will have the same RA-RNTI. They will accept the same RAR and the same temporary CRNTI.
All these UEs receive the same resource allocation on the PUSCH for message 3 with the same timing adjustment and they all transmit accordingly. Therefore at this juncture a contention resolution process is required. The eNodeB recieves message 3 from only one of the Ues fro which it considers timing aligment most suitable.

Also so msg3 supports HARQ.

Posted by:
2012-04-16 14:24:05


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