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36.331-870 Radio Resource Control (RRC)

MIB, SIB and SIs
# 1

Can MIB and SIB1 be sent together with another SI in the same subframe?

Posted by: Anders Karlsson
2011-01-18 21:19:04

According to 36.331 and TheSpecTool page 11
# 2

MIB is broadcasted in subframe 0 on radioframes with SFN mod 4 = 0, with repetition in subframe 0 in the other radioframes
SIB1 is sent in subframe 5 (therefore never in the same subframe as MIB) on radioframes with SFN mod 8=0, repetitions is sent in subframes with SFN mod2=0
SI can be sent in any subframe, but subframe 5 in radioframes with SFN mod 2 =0, giving NEVER in the same subframe as SIB1. But according to 36.331 ch in the same subframe as MIB.

Posted by: Magdalena Nohrborg Skicka Epost
2011-01-18 21:27:03


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