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36.323-860 Packet Data Convergence (PDCP) Specification

Hyper Frame Number
# 1

Question during course: What is the definition of HFN?

Posted by: Magdalena Nohrborg Skicka Epost
2011-02-09 22:05:49

36.323 chapter 6.3.5 and TheSpecTool page 4-5
# 2

It is an overflow counter mechanism used in the eNB and UE in order to limit the actual number of sequence number bits that is needed to be sent over the radio. The HFN needs to be synchronized between the UE and eNB, i.e. when the PDCP SN has reach its maximum value (which in turn depends on number of bits used for PDCP SN (5, 7 or 12 bits), PDCP SN will be restarted from 0 AND HFN will be increased by one. COUNT (32 bits) is made up of PDCP SN together with HFN, and is used in the security process.

Posted by: Magdalena Nohrborg Skicka Epost
2011-02-10 16:48:19


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