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24.301-840 Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol

Security Mode Command
# 1

Question during course:
After Authentication Request, an integrity protected Security Mode Command message will be sent from the MME to the UE. How does the UE know which Integrity Algoritm that should be used?

Posted by: Magdalena Nohrborg Skicka Epost
2011-05-03 15:29:20

Security Mode Command
# 2

The MME shall send the SECURITY MODE COMMAND message unciphered, but shall integrity protect the message with the NAS integrity key based on KASME or mapped K'ASME indicated by the eKSI included in the message. The MME shall set the security header type of the message to "integrity protected with new EPS security context". Since the message is not ciphered the UE can read the information in clear text, and thereby decide on integrity algorithm to use.

Posted by: Magdalena Nohrborg Skicka Epost
2011-05-03 15:30:19

AS security Mode failure
# 3

would the eNB requests for the MME to reperform a NAS SEcurity mode once the AS Security Mode fails? i.e. does the NAS and AS security modes repeat after failure

Posted by: Lamine Sylla
2012-03-15 17:17:09


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